What is Wapsi Square?

Wapsi’s main character is Monica Villarreal, a young and skeptical museum anthropologist who crosses paths with an Aztec deity and all cards are thrown to the wind. More than questioning her own sanity she slowly begins to question the world around her and the very history books that she holds sacred.
Helping keep Monica grounded are her friends; Amanda, a motherly but cynical professional photographer, Shelly, a tough tomboy yet girly-girl mechanic and Daren the sage bartender at the local pub.
Through a blend of humor and macabre undertones, enter the world of Wapsi Square and leave the reality you know at the door.


Where did the name Wapsi Square come from? My wife and I would travel past the Wapsipinicon River when we would drive to see each other.  She thought the name was cool and thought it would work nicely as the title of my comic.

I really like your comic, can I link to you? Thanks!  Most certainly.

I linked to you, will you link back to me? As general practice, I don’t like to trade links.  Most times the results are cluttered links pages that cause people’s eyes to glaze over when confronted with them.  I’ll be glad to take a look at your site though.

Is Monica based on anyone? Physically, Monica is based on a young Hispanic woman I was friends with out in California. Sorry, but I won’t post any pictures of her. Monica’s personality is based on a combination of my wife’s personality and my own.

Where did the eight-ball shirt come from? In my comic, I try to give my characters a variety of clothes.  For one comic where Monica was talking about her exercise mat, I thought that would make a cute shirt idea.  My wife took the idea one step further and came up with the idea of having it be her “magic” eight-ball shirt.  She then demonstrated how the comic would go for me:

I just had to get that into the comic!

What supplies do you use to make your comic? All the stuff I use is very traditional and can be ordered from any art supply store.  The board I use is Strathmore 400 Bristol (2ply), I like the rough surface as it gives more character to the line than the smooth surface.  The initial sketches are done using a Sanford Verithin #761 1/2 non-photo blue pencil, the inking is done with Speedball Super Black India Ink and a Winsor&Newton series 7 #2 brush.  When in a hury, I use a Faber-Castell brush pen.  The details are fine tuned with Sakura Pigma Micron pens.


Please note, the cast descriptions may contain spoilers.

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