So, do you think you have what it takes to be a Wapsi girl?  The answer, most likely, is YES!


If you’re a regular reader of my comic Wapsi Square then you know that I do my best to show women as positive role models in my comic (all shapes and sizes), be it through body image or handling of life’s curve-balls.  About a year ago, I had several of my female readers contribute to a new project called the “Wapsi Girl Project“.  As often as I can, I feature a new positive female role model that exemplifies the spirit of the “Wapsi Girl” and that’s for each of the women spotlighted to define, as it‘s an open ended question.  I have everyone that contributes write a few paragraphs to answer the question, “What is a Wapsi Girl?” and relate how these elements pertain to themselves or any story they might like to share..  In short, centering on real women with real problems that find creative solutions to keep going.  My hope is this project will be something to inspire other women who may not yet realize this powerful potential inside of them.

What I would need from you would be:
1.  A short write-up about what makes you a Wapsi Girl.  As stated above, this is an open ended question but it’s mostly about how you handle life’s obstacles and overcome them or going against preconceived notions either about appearance or society’s molds.

2.  One clear photo of you that you feel best represents you.  If it is a professional photo, please make sure that it’s okay to publish it on another site.

3.  A link to your site that you’d like to share with the readers.

4.  Please send any questions and/or your finished write up to my email: pablowapsi “at” yahoo “dot” com  And title your email “Wapsi Girl Project”.