Minimum for a commission with simple inks is $50, adding Copic markers to the illustration, the minimum is $150.  I structure a commission the same way that I do at conventions, you explain to me what you would like me to draw and complexity, I’ll give you a more accurate quote.  To keep the cost lower for non commercial work and more accessible to fans, I don’t do previews or revisions.   I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal, if the total is over $200, I can send two invoices if you like (one before working and the second upon completion).  Once payment is complete, I will send your commission out to you asap.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Contact me at (pablowapsi at yahoo dot com)


Howdy!  If you’re visiting this page you must be interested in owning some Original Wapsi Square Comic Art.  There are a few steps to doing this so please make sure you read the following instruction:


First: Find the comic or comics that you would like to own in the Wapsi archives.  You can use either the “dropdown” menu or either of the two search engines near the bottome of the index and daily pages.  Make note of the date of the comic (MM/DD/YYYY) and have a short description of the comic.

Next: Send me an email (pablowapsi at yahoo dot com) letting me know that you’re interested in the comic and to check on availabilty.  Someone may have already beaten you to your favorite comic, so you better act quick! ^_^

Then: I will get back to you, first come first serve, and let you know if it’s still available, the details regarding price and size.  And if everything sounds good to you (Please try to get back to me ASAP), I will send you an invoice via Paypal to your email.  After all funds clear, I will get your comic in the mail to you either First Class Mail (for U.S. customers), or Priority Mail (for international customers).

Last:  I will send you an email to let you know that I’ve sent your comic to you, please let me know when the comic has arrived safely to you as well.  It’s much appreciated. ^_^


  • Most comics will range between $50 and $100.  Shipping and handling will be $10 (U.S.) and $14 (international).
  • Please remeber that these comics are in black and white.  Color or greyscale has been added later in Photoshop as well as backgrounds and some of the props.
  • Not all comics are the same size and some have been done in different aspect ratios.  Please make sure to ask about this if that is a concern for space.
  • Most of the comics from 05/14/2004 have had the text in the word ballons added later in Photoshop, i.e. the word ballons are empty.
  • Some of the comics may have eraser smears and or heavy blue pencil marks on them from me reworking a pannel.  (Some days my hand wasn’t cooperating with my brain or visa versa ^_^)
  • If you have a question or concern, please ask! ^_^