Howdy folks! I’m working on the next animated short while still continuing to update the comic as often as I can. I’ll be needing to get a few digital assets and some audio recordings in the coming weeks, as well as working with my talented voice actor friends. I’ll be needing at least four voice actors so any help financially to help pay them would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who wants to help and can send at least $50 to my PaypalMe account linked below, will be given credit in a special thanks section of the ending credits. Please be sure to add “Animated Short Funding” to the Paypal page, and I’ll use the name associated with your Paypal account unless you specify otherwise. Thanks much in advance, I’m pretty excited to finish this short for you all. It will air first for $5 and up folks here on Patreon when I’m finished, and then later will be free for all to see.