Hey folks, I’ve gotten to a point that I need to get a new computer to do my Photoshop work on. Sadly to get something that is on par with what I’m used to working on will come in at $950. This is not currently in my budget at all and I’ll need to raise the money on Paypal. As this will currently help out on not just the production of drawings and the comic, but help toward the creation of my next animated short, anyone who donates $50 or more will get their name included on a special Thank You section in the credits for the animated short. Thanks so much in advance, and I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season so far! ^_^

UPDATE: Goal was reached!! Thank you so much to all who’ve helped out! *big hugs*

I did add some computer furniture to my wish list that would be very helpful if anyone is in the position to help out with. It’s the top stuff on the list marked “highest”. I’ll include your name in the thank you part of the animation credits if the items are $50+ just like with the fundraiser.