Hey folks. I’m feeling better from whatever that bad cold was, the doctor was thinking that I probably had covid, but whatever it was it was bad. I’m still taking a mental break from writing, but I’m still getting NSFW pics up on Patreon, and others to Ebay. I’ve also been working on the next animated short and lining up the voice actors, which has been exciting and lots of fun.

The computer doing the heavy lifting 3D rendering is in need of more CPU memory for the scenes I’m trying to render, however. If anyone is able to help out, I’ll be able to add your name to the special thanks section in my animated short for anyone sending the memory sticks or anything else $50 and up. ^_^


Also, money for voice actors and any other digital recording assets of $50 will also get you name in the special thanks section of the credits of my animated short. Please use the following link.


Take care and I hope you’re all having a good start to the year! ^_^